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Discover Public Art at the OPL


In January 2016, Rideau Branch was the first library to have its art collection added to the City of Ottawa’s Public Art webpage. While it cannot compare with seeing the art in situ on the walls of the library, the web space does allow residents to view the art, descriptions, and notes about the artists online.

City residents may be surprised to learn that nearly a third of branches in the city are beautified by art loaned to them from the City’s collection. Keep your eyes peeled for paintings and sculptures at Alta Vista, Beaverbrook, Cumberland, Emerald Plaza, Greenboro, Nepean Centrepoint, Rideau, Ruth E Dickinson, Sunnyside and Vanier branches.

The Library has many books, magazines and videos about art, artists and art appreciation including resources to create your own masterpiece at:

Art appreciation by Katherine_OPL