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Discover the spaces of the OPL-LAC Joint Facility - Creative Centre

Image of the OPL-LAC Joint Facility, view from the aquaduct

Mar 05, 2020

For the next few months, we want to take you on a tour of the OPL-LAC Joint Facility to help you discover the exciting spaces that will make this building a truly unique destination, and a place that will inspire us in new and unimaginable ways. Each space within the facility will offer something different, to help us cultivate the joys of reading, learning, discovering and creating in people of all ages and backgrounds. This week, we are looking at OPL's Creative Centre, a state-of-the-art area that will include maker and fabrication spaces offering a variety of high tech and analogue tools. The Creative Centre will include a design studio with the latest computer applications for design projects, a digitization lab to enable the digitization of analogue media, two recording studios, and a life skills lab with tools such as wood hand tooling and sewing machines. The Creative Centre will help develop lifelong digital and technological literacy, in customers of all ages and levels of experiences, and enable everyone to explore their creativity and enhance their skills.



Here are some activities that you will be able to do in the Creative Centre:

  • Code your own computer programs and apps, explore robotics and tinker with electronics
  • Create DIY projects, including design, assembly, painting and sanding 
  • Learn sewing and other and textile work, like screen printing and embroidery
  • Digitize your old photos, slides and films, remixing them in new storytelling formats
  • Attend a “repair café" where you can learn how to fix household items instead of throwing them out

Here are some of the tools that will be offered in the Creative Centre:

  • High-powered computers with various design software applications
  • 3D printing and scanning, laser cutters  
  • Green screen for video production and photography   
  • Wood hand tooling, a paint room
  • Two recording studios with high-quality microphones, mixers, MIDI equipment and editing software

For more details on the OPL-LAC Joint Facility, visit You can also watch a video walk-through of the facility here.

And in case you didn’t already know, OPL already has creative spaces with tools and resources to feed your imagination! The Imagine Space and Labs include a maker space, a digitization lab, and a music editing lab. Check out the programs offered at the Imagine Space and Labs.


OPL Creative Centre

All new libraries have a Music Room with a PIANO. Will there be one at Ottawa's Centre?

Music Room at the OPL-LAC Joint Facility

Hi there! The Musical Instrument Lending Library that is currently located at Main branch will be housed at the new central library, and there will be a music practice room in the new space as well. Thank you for passing along the piano suggestion.

Number of visitors

I will be surprised if you get a significant number of visitors in this location. You should have taken a leaf from Calgary's book and had a Metro stop in the library building.

Number of visitors at the OPL-LAC Joint Facility

Hi there, The OPL-LAC Joint Facility will be located near LRT stations. The Joint Facility will be 290 metres from Pimisi LRT station, and approximately 400 metres from Lyon LRT station. Furthermore, the site will be accessible in multiple ways (walking, bicycle, car, LRT). We expect the number of visits to the OPL-LAC Joint Facility to increase twofold compared to the number of visits to Main branch. Thank you for taking the time to write.

What part of LAC is moving to this building?

Is LAC abandoning 395 Wellington and moving fully into this facility or are just parts of its collections and services moving over? I know they have a fairly new facility in the farthest depths of Gatineau (least user friendly location ever) where the majority of their collections and technical services live and will not be moving, I assume. So what is coming over?