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Do you remember “Choose Your Own Adventure” books?


We’ve got loads of options, for adults and children alike!

For kids or for an adult stroll down memory lane, we’ve got the original series, like this one: "Your Very Own Robot: Your parents are scientists. One day, they throw out some pieces of a robot in the trash (how careless!). If you can figure out how to put the pieces together, you'll have a robot of your very own!

Or for adults looking for more choice, how about “Lost in Austen”?  BE the main character of an Austen book, choose who you would and wouldn’t marry, go to the ball at Netherfield or not – what would you do in their shoes?

If you would like to explore for the many possibilities for yourself, go to “Plot-your-own Stories” as a subject search.

If not, return to the "Reading" Staff blog for more book suggestions.