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Eating Well with Food Sensitivities and Allergies


Having a sensitivity to dairy is a drag when you LOVE ice cream!  Gelato and sorbets just don't cut it either, as they are essentially fruit, sugar and, wait for it, no creamy goodness. 

Along come coconut milk-based ice creams, available at some health food stores, OR your local library - The Ice Dream Cookbookby Rachel Albert-Matesz.  Tada!

There are a ton of library stuff for people with gluten-free, nut-free, soya-free, ok, let's call them "restricted" diets.

When you feel like you can't eat what everyone just calls "food", here are a few of my favourite things:

Finally-- Food I Can Eat by local author Shirley Plant

8 Degrees of Ingredients by Melisa K. Priem

Food Allergy Cookbook by Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne

Sweet Alternatives by Allison Wood

Gluten-free Italian by Jacqueline Mallorca

For cookbooks, enter the keywords "food allergy recipes".

For general information of food allergies or sensitivities, enter keywords "food allergy" or "gluten free" or "diet therapy", as beginning points.

There are all kinds of resources out there, and, as the library slogan goes: 

"If it's out there, it's in here!"