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Edible Landscaping


After years of living near a forest the term “edible landscaping” conjures images of deer and rabbits eating my lettuce.  Adjusting my thinking to urban living I realize this is what I do in my tiny city yard as neighbours hang on my fence with an amused look and then pick a warm cherry tomato as they leave.
Why grow something to eat among all those nice flowers?  There are grocery stores close by. Consider the enhancement of color, how happy the marigolds would be to have some peppers nearby (did you know you can eat marigolds?) Ever wonder what herbicides are in your salad? Does the idea of bringing your garden to the table make you smile?
Internet searching shows a nursery in Virginia that specializes in edibles including “mayhaw, pawpaw, medlar and pomegranate”. File that one under “fantasy” for Ottawa gardeners. It is encouraging to see Canadian plant suppliers offering new varieties of edibles suited to container growing.


Thank you for providing this information.  I'm always looking to learn about gardening and there are some great links here.

I often wonder what is on my veg during the winter.  I look forward to the summer when the only thing on my cherry tomatoes is loam and horse compost.