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The Effigies Series by Sarah Raughley -- Teen Book Review


Review by Isabella W, Carlingwood branch Teen Advisory Group member.

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Fate of Flames by Sarah Raughley

 Book One of the Effigies Series


Four girls with the power to control the elements fire, water, earth and air, fight to save the world from phantoms, the creatures who are capable of destroying the earth.  But with great power comes great responsibility. 


Maia Finley, a teenage girl, has just been given the power to create and manipulate fire.  She and the other three girls, also known as the Effigies, must combine forces to defeat Saul, a boy who seems to be able to control the phantoms.  But that task may be harder than the Effigies thought.


 his book was very diverse, which was wonderful.  Each girl came from a different country, i.e., France, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.  I think that it’s great that one of the characters came from Canada since a lot of YA novels have American characters.


 Even though I don’t have incredible powers, I could really relate to the characters in this book.  The anger and sadness that they felt throughout the book felt quite authentic. 


What I also really loved about this book was that there was enough romance in it to make it interesting, but not so much that it took over the book.  Some of the YA science-fiction and fantasy books I have recently read seem to have been taken over by all the romance.  The plot and the good against evil just drowned in all the love, which was frustrating for me. 


 Fate of Flames is an action-packed and fast-paced novel.  Overall, I really enjoyed this book.  If you like science-fiction, fantasy, romance and even a little bit of mystery, you will most definitely like this book.


Siege of Shadows by Sarah Raughley

 Book two of the Effigies series


 Two months after Saul’s escape, everyone is watching the Effigies’ next move.  The Effigies finally track him down in the Sahara desert.  Or so they thought.  Instead of Saul, they found a dying boy with cylthium in his body a chemical found in Effigies and phantoms, giving him Effigy-like abilities. 


 And with so many secrets buried within the Sect, countries are turning against them, unsure if they are able to protect everyone.  Maia doesn’t trust the Sect, so she relies on the other Effigies for support, but secrets of their own threaten to tear them apart.


 I really loved the world building in this novel.  All the places the Effigies travel to are well described and I could imagine how the setting appeared.  I especially adored that the book didn’t just take place in the US.  The characters travelled to London, Russia, Prague and Canada.  I think that it’s so important to be inclusive of all countries in any novel. 


The second rendition of this series had a lot more mystery than the first.  It was incredibly captivating and well done.  With many characters having their own secrets, I never knew when they would come out and how the other characters would react.   I never wanted to put the book down!


 All the characters in this book are unique and were quite fleshed-out, but I would have to say my favourite character was Rhys, Maia’s love interest.  He is a beautiful boy, a talented fighter, with a troubled past and a heart of gold.  Now you might be thinking, where have I heard that before?  But Sarah Raughley did an exceptional job of not making Rhys this cliché character.  He has more feminine traits than other male characters; he isn’t afraid to cry sometimes (not that I am associating females and crying) and his past made him this fascinating character, which I couldn’t help but love. 


Overall, I found that this book was stellar.  I can’t wait for the third book, Legacy of Light, to be released.  I will read it as soon as I get my hands on it!



Image: Fate of Flames

Fate of Flames

By Raughley, Sarah
Image: Siege of Shadows

Siege of Shadows

By Raughley, Sarah
Image: Legacy of Light

Legacy of Light

By Raughley, Sarah