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Engage online until March 24 to help design new OPL-LAC facility


Visit until March 24 to help inform how the new Ottawa Public Library and Library and Archives Canada joint facility will take shape on the site at 555 Albert Street in the heart of Ottawa.


You can:

  • view a video to better understand the site for the new joint facility;
  • show the architects how you might arrive at the site;
  • show the architects what you consider to be the best viewpoints;
  • tell the architects what you think are the site’s most interesting features and landmarks; and,
  • view and provide feedback on preliminary concepts.


Continuing through 2019, there will be three additional phases of in-person and online engagement various design topics, including:

  • Iconic Features and Sustainability
  • Creating a Landmark Destination
  • Finishing Touches


A final design will be revealed at the end of 2019.


Sign up for updates and find more information at



The new library plans are wrong.

The library is valuable to all Ottawans. You can place a hold online, and a few days later you drop into your local branch to pick up the book or other material. Or checkout electronic versions online. The old idea of browsing the shelves is still useful, but mostly just for children (and this is important!!).

How can we improve the hold system? By purchasing more books! There are long waiting lists to borrow newer books. Also, the 'long tail' scheme that includes a few copies of less popular titles. And electronic versions, despite the cost. How can new buildings improve the hold system? Perhaps a warehouse-like building far from the centre? Or improved hold shelving.

Note that the new library plans do not support this, and are expensive. The multi-million budget could be re-purposed to buy many books! The current plans are for a building which is more of a monument to learning, which does have some merit. But at what cost! See the plans described at .

I have been suggesting these ideas for several years whenever the library called for input, but have been ignored.I also blogged about this years ago at .

Would you like to discuss this more?