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Escape challenge: Choose your own adventure! Can you defeat the curse?

Jun 29, 2020

Are you ready for our next virtual escape challenge?

We’ve added a choose-your-own-adventure element to this escape, so your decisions can lead to multiple possible endings! No riddles or math-puzzles this time, but keep a pencil or pen and paper handy – you'll need them to keep track of the clues as you search the cursed cabin. How many tries will it take you to win?

This creepy escape is intended for players aged 12 and up. Play solo or as a group, or compete with friends or family to see who can escape fastest!

Looking for more choose-your-own-adventure fun? Our eBook collections include some of these for various ages! Just head to the search bar on our homepage and type ‘choose your own adventure’ into the keyword search. In the column to the left of your search results, you can choose to limit the results to display only items available in eBook format if you wish.

Now are you ready to face the curse? Let’s go!

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Blog post and escape challenge by Anna B. 

Image by Flash Alexander from Pixabay