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Estate Planning: Panel Discussion

screen of all the topics to consider when planning an estate

Do you have questions about estate planning, wills, and the role of the executor? 

Estate Planning is a complex topic, planning for what happens to your estate, and who will look after it.  Think of the many aspects of estate planning:  money, inheritance, legacy, power of attorney, executor, probate taxes, security, will, charities, donations, special needs, insurance, investment, planning for the future.  This makes you aware that you may need advice from experts.  

Bring your questions and get them answered by a panel of such experts!

  • Investment and retirement financial planners
  • Lawyer specializing in wills and estates and power of attorney 

Ottawa Public Library is collaborating with RBC to provide these experts.  


Estate Planningby Jill_Biblio

Estate Planning means preparing the process to distribute your assets upon death. The topic of estate planning includes issues such as financial planning matters, powers of attorney, wills, dying without a will, and funeral and cemetery pre-planning .