Step 1: Contactless services inside most open branches


There are contactless services inside most of our 31 open branches, with strict capacity limits in place, as of June 14, 2021, except at Metcalfe Village, Orléans and Rosemount. This means:

  • Pick up holds and check them out at self-checkout stations.
  • Return borrowed items to book drops anytime.
  • Access to PCs, Chromebooks, and printing, where these are available.
  • No other services: no browsing, no washroom access.
  • Mask-wearing remains mandatory inside, and outside in line.

For details, go to Current Branch Services.

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Evaristo and Carty-Williams: First Black Authors to Win Top British Book Awards


Bernardine Evaristo and Candice Carty-Williams have won top prizes at the British Book awards for Author of the Year, and Book of the Year respectively.  Carty Williams' novel Queenie is the first by a black author to win Book of the Year - of which she says "I shouldn't and won't be the last".  Evaristo, who also shared the 2019 Booker for her book Girl, Woman, Other with Margaret Atwood (The Testatments) has the honour to be Author of the Year - again the first black writer to win this category.  Evaristo comments "I've been writing for a very long time, and it's incredibly gratifying to know that my work is finally reaching a wider readership".

A shake-up in publishing is another result of the tragic death of George Floyd as the industry awakens to inequality in its ranks.  Let it be a permanent change.


Black Women Authors Winby CD_Librarian

Whether actual awards, or critical acclaim, these authors and their books are winners