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Event Recap: Are you getting the Full Story?


Last night at the National Art Center along with CBC Ottawa, we invited experts Chris Dornan (Carleton University), Robert Fife (The Globe and Mail), Karthryn Hill (MediaSmarts), Chris Carter (CBC), and Judy Trinh (CBC) to have a conversation about misinformation, fake news, and the current state of Journalism. The conversation was moderated by Adrian Harewood, cohost of CBC Ottawa News at 6.

We began by asking Kathryn Hill what her thoughts are on the term “fake news.” Kathryn responded by saying at she doesn’t like the term and the team at Media Smarts doesn’t use it at all. From there, the conversation moved to a discussion of how each panelist makes sure that he or she is getting the full story.

One audience member asked how we should respond to our connections on social media when they post stories that we believe to be false. Judy Trinh said the best advice she could give from experience is to not engage with the comment online and instead have a conversation with the person offline. The most important thing you can do is to be a friend and have a discussion.


For more help checking your facts:

News that You Can Use Tip Sheet which you can find on the MediaSmarts website.

Watch the Facebook Live recording of Are you Getting the Full Story.