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Everything is AWESOME with LEGO!

Apr 07, 2020

If you have bored kids, all the time in the world, and some LEGO - Everything is AWESOME!  

Building with LEGO is a time-honoured tradition for many of us. Spend some quality time with the kiddos and unlock your inner AFOL (adult-fan-of-lego)! 


Stream some music from the LEGO movies and get busy with some of the following  activities that can spark imagination and keep ‘em entertained for hours: 

Have your creative kids make a mini version of their own bedroom, or encourage them to invent the bedroom of their dreams! Hand over a measuring tape and challenge them to design everything to scale to up the educational value of this project. 

Check out the innovative ideas from the LEGO Librarian, like holding LEGO boat races. With a little LEGO engineering and a fan, you can hold your very own regatta! Film the race with some live sportscasting and share it with friends online. 

Think construction Pictionary…have some serious family fun playing LEGO charades, where the goal is to build an item and have others guess what you’ve made!  

There are many free, downloadable LEGO Challenge Calendars online. I really like this one which encourages thinking outside the blox (see what I did there?!). 

NASA needs you to design a new rocket, it’s up to you to make a pizza for a party, and the city wants you to build a bridge. Are you up to completing these tasks? 

Check out these awesome LEGO books, and chill out with some streaming videos (like LEGO Ninjago!) on the Ottawa Public Library website. 


Thanks to Line Upon Line Learning, the Lego Librarian, Adventure in a Box, and the Shirley Journey for sharing these excellent ideas! 

Blog post contributed by Tracy Fachin from our Stittsville branch.