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Father's day read: Zach Hyman and the Magician's Secret


It's an easy sell for any hockey loving boy when you bring a home a book by a player on his favourite team, The Magician's Secret by Zach Hyman of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

As a hockey player, Zach Hyman is an easy player for fans to love. He is the grittiest of the gritty, a corner warrior who does all the spade work for his line's stars, Auston Matthews and William Nylander. He raises work ethic to a skill, outskating his opponents on every shift. And if his finish ever catches up to his legs, we'll see a lot more of goal like these.

The Magician Secret is his third book and reminds me of The Bambino and Me in that it delves into the magic corners of childhood, and the special people you find there. In this book, its Charlie, his grandpa and his magical imagination. He weaves stories for Charlie of him finding the treasure in King Tut’s tomb, a white scarf inspires the story about Grandpa’s dogfight with the notorious Red Baron, the great First World War fighter pilot. A coconut shell becomes the story about his encounter with a fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex. But Charlie’s dad, is wary of Grandpa's tales, worried that they are just tall tales and not to be believed. How does Charlie make sense of his dad's disbelief when the magic he feels is so real? Can magic be real even if isn't true and do we ever want to outgrow the magic of a story? My son loved the book and the pace and wonderful illustrations made it a captivating read.