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Financial Literacy 2017 programs for 6-12 years and parents in November


During Canada's Financial Literacy Month in 2017, OPL has organized programs to teach kids about money: one for children 6-12 years old and one for parents. Registration is recommended. 

Money, Money, Money

at Main Branch, Saturday, November 18, 11 am - 12 pm

An interactive program geared to help ages 6-12 understand various aspects of money. We will have fun things to do and activities aimed at learning about the meaning of money, and more specifically, how it can relate to achieving goals and objectives in your life.  We encourage parents to stay. They may want to take a back seat to the children’s learning. At the end, we will discuss with parents how to be more educative when it comes to money.  Join Julie von Einseidel from Investors Group. Craft included.  Visit the large $10 dollar bill in the Children's Department while you're there.

Three Little Piggy Banks

at Nepean Centrepointe Branch, Tuesday, November 21, 6:30-8:00 pm

For parents of young children, future parents, and all interested in the subject of financial literacy for children. Join us for a discussion about money-related issues. Why do we need to teach our kids about money?  How do we get our kids to understand the distinction between needs and wants?  What message do our kids get from us when we don’t teach them about money? At what age should we start talking to our kids about money?  Join Pamela George, Accredited Financial Counsellor and local author of Three Little Piggy Banks: Financial Literacy for Children for a discussion of these and other money-related questions.  Pamela will also go over a basic budget to show you how to decide how much allowance to give your kids.  She will explain how one can use the Three Little Piggy Banks book and worksheet with your kids.