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Financial Literacy Month at OPL


The theme for Financial Literacy Month in Canada is Take Charge of Your Finances. OPL Financial Literacy Month Programs are for anyone who is wants to know more about taking charge of their money. We have programs for children, adults and older adults. 

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada ‘s website has many tools and resources for setting up a plan and goals for paying down debt and starting to save.

Ottawa Public Library has invited experts to give workshops on financial issues: 

  • For older adults: making a will, planning for retirement on a low income, 
  • For anyone who is feeling financially stretched: know your money, the journey out of debt, and more 
  • For children: fun workshops learning about money 

 Take advantage of these free learning experiences!

For Older Adults

Make A Will Law at the Library
Join a lawyer specializing in wills to learn how having a will and powers of attorney can help you and your family.

Planning for Retirement on a Low Income
Whether you are a current senior, approaching retirement, assisting your family or just concerned about the future, join us.  

Planifier la retraite avec un faible revenu
Que vous soyez aîné, que vous vous approchiez de la retraite, que vous aidiez votre famille, ou que vous soyez tout simplement intéressé, venez nous rejoindre.  

Improving Income in Retirement
This presentation is an overview of the income sources available to Canadians during retirement. It will highlight important considerations that affect retirement income.

For anyone wanting to be in charge of their money

Know Your Money

Do you want to be better at managing your money?  Join an accountant from CPA Canada for a discussion on money choices and decisions.

Facts About Tax
Why do we pay taxes?  Join a CPA Canada accountant to discuss everything about taxes.

The Journey out of Debt
Are you feeling overwhelmed by debt?  Join an accountant from CPA Canada to discuss debt and how to get out of it.

Stretching in Savings
You don't have much, so how can you save for the future? Join an accountant from CPA Canada to discuss how to save even when you have so little.

Zalasmart fun programs about money for kids

For 5-8 year olds:
Introduction to Money for Kids!
Join Tecla Kalinda of ZalaSmart for fun activities learning about money.

For 9-12 year olds:
Talk About Money
Join Tecla Kalinda of ZalaSmart to learn in a FUN, interactive way about the value of money, savings and more.