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Foodsharing Ottawa


Our guest blogger for this month is Chloe Alexander of Foodsharing Ottawa

Foodsharing Ottawa is a grassroots, volunteer-driven organization that was created to combat food waste in Ottawa. Our motto is “Share it- don’t toss it”. We tackle food waste in two important ways. The first way is by educating people of all ages, working areas and social backgrounds about environmental issues related to wasting food and by providing tips for preventing it. Our goal is to empower people to be the change that they want to see. We hope to expand our services in order to offer free presentations and workshops.

The second way that we tackle food waste is by working with members of the food industry, including grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, farmer and other food producers to save food that would otherwise be thrown in the garbage. The food we collect from these organizations we then share with charities, food banks, non-profit organizations (such as St. Joe’s Supper Table), members of our community and the Foodsharing Ottawa network. We work with stores like Kardish Health Food Centre and Herb & Spice Shop on Wellington, on a weekly basis, who want to be socially and environmentally responsible by donating the good that they can’t sell anymore. We have also partnered with River Road Bakehouse™ in their Road to Zero Food Waste campaign. We are featured on their food waste trivia game. To play the game and win money to donate to Foodsharing Ottawa, you can go to

We have 500 members in our group and have saved 15,000 pounds of food from being wasted, but we are continuously looking for opportunities to grow and have a bigger impact on reducing food waste. If anyone wants to join our group, partner with us, or are interested in donating their food waste to us just send an e-mail to and feel free to check out our website

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