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Franco-Ontarian Day


We invite you to take part in one or more of our special French programs and events to celebrate the Franco-Ontarian community.

On Monday, September 23, acclaimed duo Moonfruits invites you to explore Franco-Canadian folk and trad music, following its path to the present day. The workshop features foot-stomping, spoons, and vocal harmonies to make you sing and dance at the Orleans branch.

On Wednesday, September 25, join us for Croisée des mots a series of author talks happening at the Bistro Marcil Lavallée at La Nouvelle Scène from 5 pm to 7 pm. Everyone is welcome, bring your friends and enjoy a nice evening in the company of Lisa L’heureux, winner of the Trillium Book Award. (in French only)

On Saturday, September 28, bring your children and parents to the Ruth E. Dickinson branch or the North Gloucester branch and listen to the traditional French-Canadian stories of Pére Garneau. (in French only)

Don’t forget to take part in the Buy a Franco-Ontario Book Day. Look at our suggestions below and visit your local branch to discover other amazing Franco-Ontarian authors.

Happy Franco-Ontarian Day!


Jour des 2019 #onfr by cindy_program

Pour célébrer le jour des Franco-ontariens.nes, nous vous invitons à vous en mettre plein la vue et les oreilles! Voici une liste de livres et d'albums par des Franco-Ontarien.e.s d'origine ou d'adoption.


why is Franco-Ontarian Day in Quebec???

Hello misatim, what event(s) are you referring to happening in Quebec?