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French immersion: Resources for a French-filled summer!

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Jul 27, 2020

Is your child enrolled in a French immersion class? Do you want them to keep practicing over the summer without sacrificing the fun? Rest assured, your child can continue to learn French and still enjoy summer to the fullest. You can even ease a young child into early immersion. Here are some easy tips and interesting ideas to help your kid learn French without having to resort to worksheets:

  • A little bit at a time is often the way to go: 15 minutes a day can go a long way over time. For instance, you can work a language break, with or without technology, into your child’s routine.
  • Pique their interest: Choose activities in French that your child enjoys. Children will be motivated and willing to practice a second language if it’s tied into their favourite pastime. Whether your child is reading a book, playing a game or doing arts and crafts, they can always follow a tutorial, a video or instructions in their second language to keep them practicing while they have fun.
  • Know your child’s actual language level: Academic results can be misleading. You can figure out your child’s language level yourself by paying close attention to them. Children can lose interest in a language if they find it too hard or too easy. 

Here are some fun educational activities that will keep your child riveted as they improve their French:

If you have trouble reading to your child in French, or if you’re just looking for an eye-catching animated book, TumbleBook Library has a rich online collection of animated talking picture books that are perfect for learning to read.

For even more titles, check out Cantook Station, an online platform that specializes in eBooks in French, including children’s books, classics and books for early readers. Magazine fans can try Flipster for three different French‑language magazines for kids: Les Explorateurs, Curium and Les Débrouillards.

  • Writing: Encourage your child to write. Letters, greeting cards, grocery lists—anything goes when it comes to vocabulary practice! Give your child a notebook to use as a diary, or help them customize their notebook online. This could be just the thing your child needs to fall in love with writing. Over the summer, you’ll also find story starters and plenty of other activities on the TD Summer Reading Club.
  • Fun, games and recreational activities: If your child isn’t a big fan of reading, go with something you know they love. Use OPL’s online resources to create an account for Toutapprendre, a learning platform that offers lessons on a range of interesting topics, such as music, sewing, coding and so much more! In the same vein, the Ottawa Public Library YouTube channel has videos on arts and crafts and science activities, as well as game ideas for kids. Hello-World and Net are two more websites with games for preschoolers in French.

If you prefer classes with exercises, you can look at out our L’amour des temps database for grammar lessons for older students, check out the Canadian Parents for French (Ontario) website for a compendium of language learning websites on the FSL Resources for Students webpage, or visit the Bonjour du Monde website for a variety of exercises, tests and learning games sorted by language level.

There are so many great ways to practice French outside of the classroom, and the many joys of summer can absolutely double as excellent language learning opportunities.

This blog post was written by Karima from the Greenboro Branch.

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