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French online learning with Camp TFO

Camp TFO

Apr 22, 2020

Are your kids usually in French immersion at school? Are you at a loss about where and how to expose them to French content when you might not be confident in French yourself? How can you even make sure that it is a good French resource if you cannot really understand what they are saying or what to look for?

You don’t have to worry anymore! Groupe Média TFO, a well-known and established French institution in Ontario, decided to change their tv offerings to suit the needs of families and to help teachers during these challenging times. Indeed, they are now showing more educational and fun tv shows for the whole family. All the episodes are safe and reliable for kiddos. In addition to the shows, they are also posting online additional educational resources to complement their tv schedule. TFO is therefore adding activities on, suggesting tens of thousands of educational resources on Idello and promoting the Boukili platform, a virtual libraries full of original books to help children 4 and up to develop their reading skills in French.

For an older crowd that would like to learn more about the French communities of Ontario and their culture, the tv channel ONFR (also by TFO) is now celebrating its first-year anniversary. If you do not already know it, it is time to discover the channel featuring cultural, artistic and political issues that the Franco-Ontarians communities are facing.

So what are you waiting for? Most of these special resources will only be available while the schools are closed. You do not have to feel guilty about permitting your kids to watch tv anymore! It is for their education after all!

Blog post contributed by Ariane from our Nepean Centrepointe branch.