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A Friendly Voice - A Phone Line for Seniors



A Friendly Voice is a phone line, dedicated to seniors, and was modelled on The Silver Line in the UK. It was created to offer seniors who experience periods of loneliness and/or isolation, a place to call to share or have a simple conversation, which can make a world of difference. A Friendly Voice is a confidential phone line and is available 7 days a week from 8:00 am to midnight.



There are different interpretations and degrees of loneliness. It can be felt in different ways and in different degrees. For one person, the feeling of loneliness may be on Saturday nights, the moment of the week when he or she used to go out with a friend, for example. Other manifestations of the feeling of loneliness may have started after the passing of one’s spouse or dear friend, or by the children and/or grandchildren moving away for school or work.


Social Isolation

Social isolation relates more to lacking interactions with other people. The human being is a social creature, who needs contacts, connections, or interactions with others. For example, a person can be socially isolated because he or she lives in a rural area, with no access to a car or public bus transportation. Others may be living with a physical disability, stopping them from leaving their home as often as they please. The social isolation can also appear after the passing of a spouse or of a roommate, living the other without that presence and possibly, without a support system.

Within developed nations like Canada, social isolation and loneliness have shown the largest increases between two groups: senior citizens and people living in low-density (rural) areas. A friendly Voice is a telephone program that is aimed at helping reduce or eliminate loneliness and/or social isolation in seniors, in our communities.


Seniors’ Health vs. Loneliness/Social Isolation

“Research has shown fairly consistently that social isolation and loneliness are related to negative health outcomes…” (Journal of Aging and Health, June 2006). Research has also shown that loneliness and/or social isolation can lead to various psychiatric disorders such as depression, alcohol abuse, and sleep problems - as well as multiple physical disorders, which include diabetes, autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity. Left unattended, loneliness and social isolation can have serious consequences for mental and physical health of people, but especially for seniors and those living in rural areas.


A Friendly Voice is there to work against loneliness and social isolation in seniors and we invite you to call or to share our numbers around you! Using A Friendly Voice’s service is a healthy decision, both mentally and physically!


613 692-9992


1 855 892-9992


 This article was put together by the team at A Friendly Voice.