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Fun Activities During March Break!



March Break is just around the corner! And we are offering fun, educational, and free programs in branches across the city for children ages 4 to 12 from March 16 to 21.

This year’s March Break theme is Around the world. We are inviting children to take a journey and to discover the world around them, their inside world and the world under their feet.

They will have the chance to meets parrots, reptiles and bugs! They will meet accomplished local musicians, dancers and artists. They will learn to express themselves through arts, to be curious and to try new things, by taking part in workshops and by watching amazing performances. 

Parents can find the complete list of March Break programs here.


Come explore with us!


Registrations is now open!


March Break 2020: Around the World | Congé de mars 2020 : Autour du monde by cindy_program