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At the GCTC: Butcher by Nicolas Billon


Last weekend, a few of our staff went to see Butcher at the GCTC, and they found it gripping! Their reactions to the performance included the following:

  • "The play is a powerful thriller, with gruesome scenes carefully staged in dimmed light and slow motion. None of the roles are as they seem, nor is the venue what it seems. Slowly you learn what is actually happening. The suspense kept me gripped to the end." 
  • " also makes us think about what kind of retribution society should demand for war crimes and whether it can (or should) be commensurate with the damage done to the victims."

Butcher, which has been extended for 7 additional performances, runs until March 20th, 2016. Tickets are still available.

GCTC 2015-2016: Butcherby OttawaGoodReads

As part of our "Stages and Pages" partnership with the GCTC, we have compiled this list of resources related to Butcher. The second to sixth titles on the list were read by Nicolas Billon and influenced his writing of the play.

  • Image: Butcher


    By Billon, Nicolas
  • Image: The Lucifer Effect

    The Lucifer Effect

    Understanding How Good People Turn Evil
    By Zimbardo, Philip G.
    Drawing on examples from history as well as his own research, Zimbardo describes how situational forces and group dynamics can work in concert to make monsters out of decent men and women. Also available as an e-book, and as a talk on streaming video.
  • Image: Oresteia


    By Aeschylus
    The only trilogy of tragedy plays to survive from Ancient Greece, The Oresteia features the ageless themes of the nature of fate and the relationship between justice, revenge, and religion.
  • Image: Regarding the Pain of Others
    An examination of the effect that violent imagery has on Western culture, from the author of On Photgraphy.
  • Image: Saturday


    By McEwan, Ian
    Henry Perowne, a happily married neurosurgeon, is drawn into a confrontation with Baxter, a small-time thug, following a car accident. The encounter has savage consequences. Also available in e-book and audiobook formats.
  • Image: Shake Hands With the Devil

    Shake Hands With the Devil

    The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda
    By Dallaire, Roméo A.
    A first-hand account by General Dallaire, the man who led the UN mission in Rwanda over 20 years ago and was shattered by the genocide that he witnessed there. A film version is also available on DVD.
  • Image: The Storyteller

    The Storyteller

    A Novel
    By Picoult, Jodi
    After Josef confesses a shameful secret to Sage, he asks her to kill him. Sage must decide if there are some wrongs that cannot be fixed and where the line between revenge and justice lies.
  • Image: Back From the Dead
    Harry believes that he has punished war criminal Ernst Hess. When Henry finds out that Hess has survived, he makes plans to kill him again, even if it means ignoring the impact on those around him.
  • Image: You Against Me

    You Against Me

    By Downham, Jenny
    Mikey vows to get revenge against his sister’s rapist. Ellie is convinced that her brother didn’t do it. When Mikey and Ellie meet they must deal with the consequences of seeking revenge for the victim and having loyalty to the accused.
  • Image: What She Left Behind

    What She Left Behind

    By Wiseman, Ellen Marie
    A story of two-narrators, Clara in the 1930s and Izzy in the 1990s, and the consequences of their parents trying to shield and protect them from what is happening around them.