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GIVEAWAY: Calpurnia


Apr 29, 2022

In view of our book-loving, book-promoting ways at the Library; and further to some great recent partnerships with the creative folks at the National Arts Centre, you are invited to take advantage of a very special offer to win a pair of tickets to the latest NAC’s English Theatre production: Calpurnia.  

“An explosive new comedy, confronting the classic To Kill a Mockingbird.” 

The playwright Audrey Dwyer was inspired to tell the story of the celebrated American classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird, from the perspective of the Finch family's Black housekeeper, Calpurnia. The character, known in the book as Cal, has spent her life around the Finches and looked after Scout and Jem since they were babies.  

Event advisory: mature themes, strong language, non-toxic theatrical smoke and haze effects. 

For further info on the play, please visit 

Contest Details: 

  • LIKE our “Calpurnia Giveaway” post and follow our account on Instagram  or Facebook 

  • Comment on the post: Who's your favourite supporting character in a novel, and why? 

  • For more chances to win, tag a friend you'd like to bring to the theatre  

  • Twenty (20) lucky winners will be chosen randomly 

The contest will close on Monday, May 2 at noon.