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It wasn't a surprise to anyone how much it hurt to lose Gord Downie. Having time to know it was coming didn't make it any easier. To many Canadians, he exemplified what it meant to live here, to experience here. Through his music and his poetry, he gave us a soundtrack for our youth, our middle age, and our life. He became a favourite roommate, someone keeping us company on long trips, and a dependable friend. And like a friend, he challenged us. Gord brought us close, embraced us, and asked us to think beyond ourselves, to listen beyond our perspectives, to care beyond what we thought we knew.

Local Ottawa radio station Live 88.5 recorded a great tribute to Gord Downie, the New York Times posted a touching account on his influence and place in our national psyche, and person to person we reach out and share with one another what he meant to us.

Gord said goodbye and his words and voice remain in our hearts. We say I thank you. We say I miss you. We say I love you.

Gord Downie by Gill_library

Music, books, and documentary works by Gord Downie.

The Tragically Hip by Gill_library

Music and works from The Tragically Hip.


Yeah, this really sucks. Cancer sucks... we all know it!
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