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Great ideas series – illustrated biographies for young readers


Do you want to know more about some of the greatest inventions in history, such as the Zamboni, the Elevator, the Steam engine, wireless communication, and more?

This award winning series, combined with informative text and vivid illustrations, brings history to life.

We’ve just added the latest book entitled Zap!: Nikola Tesla Takes Charge, to our collection.

You will be fascinated to learn how the young inventor Nikola Tesla demonstrated how alternating current would be the way to light up America, rather than Thomas Edison’s direct current system.

Monica Kulling, author of this series, lives in Toronto, Canada.

Image: It's A Snap!

It's A Snap!

George Eastman's First Photograph
By Kulling, Monica
Image: All Aboard!

All Aboard!

Elijah McCoy's Steam Engine
By Kulling, Monica
Image: In the Bag!

In the Bag!

Margaret Knight Wraps It up
By Kulling, Monica
Image: Going Up!

Going Up!

Elisha Otis's Trip to the Top
By Kulling, Monica
Image: Making Contact!

Making Contact!

Marconi Goes Wireless
By Kulling, Monica
Image: Spic-and-span!


Lillian Gilbreth's Wonder Kitchen
By Kulling, Monica
Image: To the Rescue!

To the Rescue!

Garrett Morgan Underground
By Kulling, Monica
Image: Clean Sweep!

Clean Sweep!

Frank Zamboni's Ice Machine
By Kulling, Monica