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Guest Teen Blogger Post: REVIEW - Madly by Amy Alward


 Madly by Amy Alward is an enchanting piece of literature. Set in modern day times with a twist of the Middle Ages, including alchemy and magic, the tale told is one which includes immense struggles and new obstacles to overcome at every turn. Madly will test your feelings with its spiraling love triangle and make you review your thoughts on true friendship and question family morals.

   The book changes between the two perspectives of Samantha Kemi, a young alchemist apprentice with no talents making her special other than her brain, and Princess Evelyn, sole heir to the throne of Nova, holding by far the most power and magic of all before her. When Evelyn is poisoned with a love potion causing her life to fall into mortal danger an old tradition called the Wilde Hunt comes into play which calls all alchemists in search of a cure to spare her life; unfortunately this includes the synths of ZoroAster Corps. who took over the usage of alchemy for synthetic products. If the hunt wasn’t bad enough as is with ZA, along comes Zain Aster who is dashingly handsome and any girl would fall for, but not Samantha,  oh no! Well, or so she thinks...

  Heat, pressure and emotion all run wild in the page-turning novel Madly by Amy Alward.

Image: Madly


By Alward, Amy