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Happy 250th birthday Beethoven!

Beethoven 250


Dec 11, 2020

Ludwig van BeethovenEvery year December brings celebration, and this year marks the additional celebration of Beethoven’s 250th birthday. While the actual day is not definitely known, his birthday is generally accepted to be December 16, 1770. The German composer is considered “one of music’s great revolutionaries, always struggling to say things in new ways and always seeking to improve what he had done. His was a life of pathos and heroism” (Plotkin). Laura Tunbridge wrote a book to commemorate this anniversary and reflect on his music, and John Neumeier choreographed a ballet as tribute to Beethoven giving “physical shape to the form and emotion of Beethoven’s music”… Discover more about this composer with these and other resources at OPL.  See full list.

Happy 250th birthday Beethoven!by CMCAT