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Happy Mother's Day!

May 07, 2021

Happy Mother's Day! Times are especially hard for mothers these days, but nothing beats a token of affection from their loved ones, children and friends. This day should start with a warm thank you to all moms for their courage, love, genuine affection and attention even during these harsh times. Spoil your mothers on this beautiful Sunday, May 9, and shower them with the most beautiful memories you can hold.

In addition to flowers, chocolate and gifts, the Library has an extensive list of books to entertain them. If you know your mom's literary taste, feel free to browse our collection and online resources.

Fiction books may seem like a good choice. According to surveys, it is proven that women read more fiction books than men and that women in general read more than men. So, if your mom loves to read, we have everything in our collection to make her happy.

Find below some exciting reading suggestions: