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Happy Trails



Decades ago a cowboy named Roy Rogers was a horse whisperer in a time before most people whispered to animals about anything.  Horse training tools generally consisted of whips and ropes, dominance was the goal. Roy Rogers  gently convinced the horse to follow instructions, their partnership was visible.  Fortunately "gentling" is replacing "breaking" a horse in most of the world now.

 Dr. Allan Hamilton takes the practice a giant leap forward.  Dr. Hamilton grew up in Manhattan, graduated from Harvard and is currently a brain surgeon who trains horses and writes books. One more thing- he is the medical script consultant for Grey's Anatomy.

Zen Mind, Zen Horse Zen Mind, Zen Horse  is a work of science, intuition, leadership, animal husbandry and a glimpse into the life of an extraordinary man. Even if you don't know which way the saddle goes  this is an enlightening read. 

“Horses are like a band of legendary Zen masters. They are perfect teachers because they uncover your real motivation. They tell you when you’re wholeheartedly committed or faking it, when you’re making a sacred vow or just paying lip service. Horses see what’s holding you back. And when you find the courage to confront those shortcomings, horses will always reward you with a way to overcome them.”