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Have You Seen This Wizard?

Have you seen this wizard?

Attention residents of Ogoode: 

Have you seen this wizard?

Have you seen this wizard? wanted poster


If you have, don't be alarmed! 


We had quite a few wizards apparating in the Osgoode branch on Thursday.  Wizards, squibs, and muggles alike celebrated Harry Potter Book Night at the Osgoode branch!  We practiced casting spells with our wands, were sorted into our Hogwart's houses, and got tickets to board the train at platform 9 3/4


We still have a few invisibility cloaks left from our celebration.  Feel free to come to the branch to take one home – if you can find it!


For Potterheads by Susan_OPL

A selection of books, movies, music, and games related to Harry Potter at the Ottawa Public Library 2020