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What does the library mean to you?

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The library is a quiet place that I can bring my tween and both of us search for books and have Mom and daughter time and are able to discuss and share tidbits on the books or magazine articles we have found. We seem to have some breathing time when we are together visiting our favourite neighbourhood library!

The library is a place of escape for me. I can go there and pick up any books I want. With the library I can request books and I get an e-mail when the items are in. I can also make suggestions to purchase and the library will buy the book if possible. At the library, I can take out an express book and therefore I don’t have to wait for a new release. A bookworm like me can save a lot of money with the library. I have several books on hold. I look forward to my visits to the library.

The library is a place of discovery and of refuge. I meet new people every time I go, be they characters in books, authors, or people in flesh-and-blood. Also, the library retains an atmosphere of calm, quiet, and overall peacefulness. There are few places you can go that have that genuine bookish smell to them.