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Health and Wellness magazines in OPL’s Online Resources


May 29, 2020

Do you miss browsing the latest magazines at the library or at the grocery stores?  

The good news is that you can do that from the comfort of your home. The Ottawa library website offers several popular recent magazines that you can read online or borrow and read them later. 

You may want to find some ideas and advice to stay healthy and balanced and to regain your peace of mind during this time of social distancing. Here are some of the resources in health and fitness category: 

PressReader offers 62 magazine titles in English and 12 in French, fitness being represented most strongly. Among the health and wellness titles, one that deserves mentioning is Meditation and Health magazine, published in Vancouver BC, with the articles about meditation, healthy nutrition, staying active. The magazine can also be downloaded from the website. 

RB-digital magazines (formerly Zinio) have some popular titles, especially from the fitness genre. You will need to create an account to check out magazines. 

Yoga journal has been around for a while, featuring articles about yoga practice, Ayurveda, meditation, stress relief, better sleep. 

Paleo magazine is a relatively new title, gaining popularity as the “paleo” lifestyle movement is becoming more rooted in the society. Although the emphasis is on “paleo” nutrition, it also displays articles about self-care, benefits of exercise, sound sleep, etc. You can find it within the category of Food and Cooking. 

Alive magazine features short articles about different topics related to wellness and some excellent recipes. 

Flipster is offering a limited number of e-magazines that you can read on the site. 

It is a pleasant surprise that it presents an interesting wellness magazine in French, Mieux Etre. The latest issue is featuring an interview with Hubert Cormier, “Bien manger sans culpabilité,” as well as various articles that can be helpful on your wellness journey. 

Blog post contributed by Mira from our Main Branch.