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Heritage Day 2017 at City Hall


Heritage Day is part of Heritage Week, a celebration which encourages us as Canadians to embrace, explore and enjoy our local heritage locations and history museums. It is also a celebration of the many staff and volunteers who work to keep our heritage and history alive. 

Held at City Hall, the event showcased over 45 exhibitors, including local genealogical societies, historical societies and many of the small museums in the Ottawa area. It's a wonderful opportunity for the community to learn about the history of Ottawa and about heritage conservation. 

I was pleased to attend Heritage Day on February 21, 2017 with a few of my colleagues from the Genealogy team. Along with books and brochures, we took along a portable green screen to the event. We encouraged attendees at the event to have their photos taken in front of the green screen, and then placed them in front of historical backdrops. The whole event was a huge success! 

Elaine is from Watson's Mill, a working industrial heritage site in nearby Manotick.

Jane and Brian are both members of the Rideau Township Historical Society.

Derrick, from the Goulbourn Township Historical Society, came to the event in character, as the Duke of Richmond.

Professor Lambert is an enthusiast of 19th century entertainments, owning his own working magic lantern.

Sophie and Jennifer from the Genealogy team (in modern attire) attend the Heritage Day 2017 event.