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Hoopla Kids: Music to Play, Learn, and Dream By!

Picture of a girl listening to music

Apr 22, 2020

For kids of all ages, music can inspire the imagination, offer opportunities to learn and create, and help to calm or energize. If you’re looking to bring the joys and benefits of music into your home, Hoopla’s children’s music collection is a great resource.

Once you create your accountand log in, you’ll be able to borrow up to 8 albums per month (recently increased from 4). Best of all, there are no holds or waiting lists; as soon as you hit “borrow,” you’ll be able to stream or temporarily download your album for 7 days, after which it’ll be automatically returned.

Although children’s music is available through the general search functions, Hoopla offers “Kids Mode,” a setting that automatically filters out all non-children’s titles. Kids Mode can be activated from the Settings menu, or through some devices by simply clicking on the “Kids” logo next to the search bar. A check mark will appear to note that it’s active. Consult Hoopla’s Helpsection (available in English only) if you’re having trouble activating Kids Mode.

Looking for some suggestions to get the fun started?

If none of the above titles get you excited about the Hoopla Kids’ music, take a chance and do a little hunting around by searching favourite song titles or even things you like. With the creativity of children’s music, you never know what will turn up! Maybe there’s a song about an animal you like! Or your favourite food! Even search your own name – the collection Mon Jardin Musicalfeatures albums that incorporate names right into them, so you might find some songs all about you! Share with others what music you’ve uncovered in the comments below.

As an added benefit, Hoopla has temporarily supplied a list of “Bonus Borrows” (Kids Mode must be activated to display only children’s music titles), albums you can borrow that don’t count against your monthly limit. There are titles by the Wiggles, My Little Pony, and more! Get your music party started today!

Blog post contributed by Daniel from our Content Services department.