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Hoopla: New Music, No Waiting!

Apr 09, 2020

For the moment, you might not be able to head out to a concert, dig through a record store, or browse OPL’s CD collection, but your favourite music is still instantaneously available through Hoopla!

With over 100,000 albums in its collection - and more being added every day - Hoopla allows you to stream or temporarily download music by artists from across the pop spectrum and beyond: from rock to rap; country to blues; movie soundtracks to musicals; jazz, R&B, reggae, and so much more. 

Get started by creating an account with your email address and library card. You’ll then be able to borrow up to 8 albums per month (recently increased from 4), each of which you’ll have full access to for 7 days. Listen as many times as you’d like! Best of all, there are no holds or waiting lists with Hoopla; all titles are accessible for as long as they’re in the collection.

As an added benefit, Hoopla has temporarily supplied a list of Bonus Borrows, albums you can access that don’t count against your monthly limit. Included are greatest hits albums from perennial favourites like Tom Petty, Prince, Madonna, as well as recent hits from BTS, Taylor Swift and others.

Since Hoopla’s collection stretches far and wide, here are a few suggestions to get you going:

And if you’re still not sure where to start, Hoopla has created helpful category lists that organize albums by genre or theme.

Lastly, it’s worth spotlighting the Ottawa musicians who have been working hard to support themselves and make every day a little more enjoyable for music fans by live-streaming concerts from their homes to ours. A couple of Facebook groups are working to spotlight these concerts, and if you do a quick search online or start following your favourite local artists on social media, you can undoubtedly uncover and support lots of great music still being made in our city. You can do the same with Hoopla: check out albums from local artists like Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine, Buck-N-Nice, Steve Adamyk Band, or Night Lovell

Start digging into Hoopla’s music collection today and let us know what albums you’re loving in the comments below!

Blog post contributed by Daniel from out Content Services department.