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How to be a Climate Optimist by Chris Turner wins the Shaughnessy Cohen Prize!

 blue background photo of author Chris Turner and the cover of his book

May 11, 2023

Chris Turner is the 2023 winner of the Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing, another in the Writers' Trust list of writing awards.

In How to be a Climate Optimist: Blueprints for a Better World is a "self-help guide for the planet and a masterclass in brisk, vivid storytelling" says the Jury for the Canadian nonfiction prize.

Turner presents "a compelling argument: gloom and doom is not an effective strategy".

Check it out, and these 2023 nominees and past winners. All great nonfiction reading for your TBR pile!

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Shaughnessy Cohen 2023 Prize Winner and Nomineesby CD_Librarian

How to be a Climate Optimist is exactly what the doctor ordered - a good dose of climate positivity!