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How iRan: Three Plays for iPod



When you think outside the box, you get to the Fringe! The Ottawa Public Library, in partnership with the Ottawa Fringe, is presenting a site-specific installation-meets-radio-play called How iRan: Three Plays for iPod. Participants will choose one of three iPods and follow an audio track that leads them through the Main branch, stopping at art installations created for this performance piece by newcomers to Ottawa. The recorded narratives follow the lives of 3 characters: Emily the librarian, an American Quaker opposed to the Vietnam War; Ramin, a Persian engineer employed as a security guard in his adopted country of Canada and Hossein, a journalist who harnesses the potential of the internet to challenge authority in his homeland. While Emily's and Ramin's narratives are fictionalized and based on interviews with over 20 new Canadians about their immigration experiences, the character of Hossein is drawn more closely from the life of Hossein Derkkhshan, an Iranian-Canadian journalist who was sentenced to 20 years in jail in Iran for attempting to spark social and political reform through the use of the internet. At the end of the show, the seemingly separate threads of the story are brought together through facilitated discussion. This unique performance promises to provide a memorable way of gaining insight and a better understanding of the current hardships of displacement and immigration. Don't miss it!

The show runs at the Main library from Wednesday September 28 to Saturday October 1, with 3 shows per day. Please see the OPL’s Programs and Events page for showtimes. Directed by Ken Cameron of Productive Obsession.