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Hundreds of Today’s Most Popular Magazines: free, online, anytime!

Apr 25, 2020

Love reading magazines? Try the Library’s online resources for magazines and newspapers, with thousands of titles available.  These online resources include FlipsterPressReaderand RBdigital Magazines (Zinio). You can borrow current and past issues of magazines and each service has a different selection of magazines.

Flipster gives online access to current and past issues of popular magazine titles including Hello! Canada, Maclean's, Scientific American, Time, People as well as titles for children and teens.

Maclean’sis Canada's only national weekly current affairs magazine. Read insightful and thought-provoking articles dealing with social issues, politics, news, business, sports, health, education, arts and entertainment. The May issue takes a close look at the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact on our health care system and health care workers, unprecedented level of unemployment, the economy as well as inspiring stories of acts of kindness we see in our communities.

PressReader provides access to 3,500 newspapers and magazines in 60 languages from all over the world. Advanced features allow automated translation as well the ability to listen to articles. Canadian newspaper titles include the Ottawa Citizen, the Globe and Mail, National Post, Le Devoir.

Modern Dogis a Canadian magazine that caters to dog lovers and their companions by sharing authoritative advice about properly training and caring for canines. Get inspired with the best ideas & solutions for a life with dogs.  Articles discuss topics such as choosing the best type of food for your dog, how to read your dog’s body language, best flea treatment for dogs and what dog trainers have to say about crates.

The magazine Canadian Wildlife is the official magazine of the Canadian Wildlife Federation, rich with spectacular wildlife photography and compelling articles. It is available in French as Biosphère magazine (available on Flipster).  The March-April issue presents a compelling article on the White-nose syndrome, an emerging disease in North American bats which has resulted in the dramatic decrease of the bat population, with serious consequences on insect control across North America.  If you are interested in citizen science, learn more about one project in which volunteers and scientists work together to conduct surveys on bird species in North America.

The magazine Droit-Famille (available in French only)  is published by le Droit, an Ottawa newspaper, and presents content relevant to Ottawa families.  In a recent issue, a family discusses the challenges and success of creating a blended family.  In a feature article on immigration, a family newly arrived from Syria talks about their experience with integration since arriving in Canada.  At the Conseil des Écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario, personalized support is offered to families newly arrived in the region, as well as the “Allies” program where students become mentors for newcomer youth.

RBdigital Magazines (Zinio) offers many popular magazines including The Economist, Canadian Living, National Geographic, The New Yorker and many more. The RBdigital app also includes access to some eAudiobooks.

Science & Vie (available in French only) is one of the first magazine to publish articles on scientific knowledge for a general public. Recent issues feature articles on the impact of the 5G trials: the fifth generation of wireless communication technology currently deployed in Europe.  Research by an American team is leading to an innovative path to treat pancreas cancer.  A microbiologist discovers antibacterial properties of insect wings which kills bacteria solely through its physical structure, one of the first natural surfaces found to do so.  

Blog post contributed by Julie from our Rideau branch.