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If You Like Planet Earth, You'll Like These Animal Documentaries

3 images of animal documentaries that are in the blog list

3 images of animal documentaries in the blog listDo you enjoy watching animal documentaries like Planet Earth?  Well, good news because Planet Earth II is recently available at the Ottawa Public Library.  This is a popular title and you may have to wait on the holds list for a little while, so in addition to that great DVD, here is a selection of some other fascinating animal documentaries you may want to watch.  


With the development of technology, there are some truly remarkable footage of animals in the wild recorded in some unique ways such as Spy in the Wild and Frozen Planet.  Some of the documentaries like Frozen Planet also have segments after each episode that show some of the behind-the-scenes efforts required to get the footage, which is just as fascinating to watch as the actual episode.


Star narrators/hosts like Morgan Freeman, Daniel Craig, Robert Redford, Stephen Fry, David Tennant, Daniel Dae Kim, and of course the legendary, David Attenborough, enhance the viewing experience.  Frankly, if I see a nature documentary hosted by David Attenborough, I know it will be of the highest quality.  The titles in this list have several of these worth exploring including Madagascar : the land where evolution ran wild and The Life of Birds.


If you’re looking for something truly heartwarming, check out Nature's Miracle OrphansAnimal Reunions, or Animal Odd Couples.


If you prefer to watch in French, titles such as Frozen Planet, Earth, Life, Earth : one amazing day, IMAX Born to Be Wild = Nés Pour Etre Libres, Wild Canada = Le Canada Grandeur Nature, and One Life also include French options.  The documentary Yellowstone is in French.


All the DVDs in the list below are available for request at the Ottawa Public Library.  Click the link below for the full list.

Planet Earth by Cathy_Library

These are also fascinating animal and nature documentaries.