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An Inheritance of Ashes by Leah Bobet + Teen Author Fest


Leah Bobet is coming to town... for this year's Teen Author Fest!

Her latest book, An Inheritance of Ashes, is fantastic. Fantasy has never felt so real. 

In the aftermath of a war between humans and an evil, twisted God, sixteen year old Hallie is just trying to survive. It’s just her and her older, pregnant sister, Marthe, who have been trying to keep their farm alive and get everything ready for winter since Marthe’s husband, Thom, still hasn’t returned from the war. The relationship that Hallie has with her sister is strained to say the least; Hallie feels like she can never do anything right and that her sister will one day just get tired of her and send her away like their father had done to his brother. Hallie’s had a bag packed for eight years and the weight of everything in her life is starting to catch up to her.

When a veteran shows up at their farm looking for work, he brings the war with him. The strange, spindly, twisted creatures that were supposed to have disappeared when the war ended start appearing on the farm. As they appear, they burn and infect the things they touch. When Hallie warns the mayor of the neighbouring town, she realizes that she’s created more of a problem for herself. Not only does she have to worry about finding the twisted creatures and burning them before they turn her farm to ash, she also has to worry about the mayor sending the army in to quarantine the farm and force Hallie and her sister from their home.

What surprised me about this book was the pacing. The description on the back cover is compelling and made me think that An Inheritance of Ashes was going to be full of action and horrible family truths being revealed about the war. What I found while reading was a very slow pace that left room for Leah Bobet to write some really beautiful descriptions and use wonderful imagery. I really felt like I was able to understand the plight of Hallie and her sister who were left behind to run their farm in the wake of the war. I also really enjoyed how much attention Leah Bobet paid to building the relationships in this book.  They aren’t stagnant; they’re dynamic and they change – so much so that I could write an entire blog post about Hallie’s relationship with her sister, or Hallie and Marthe’s relationship with their father, or any other relationship that the reader is presented with. And while Hallie does not suddenly transform into one of the twisted creatures and fly off at the end like I originally imagined would happen, I think this book will be a unique and enjoyable experience for the fantasy reader as well as readers of general fiction and historical fiction. 

Check out An Inheritance of Ashes and the rest of the fantastic lineup that we have for Teen Author Fest!

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By Bobet, Leah
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By Bobet, Leah