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Inspiration from Calgary to Ottawa

Ottawa Central Library logo

Congratulations to Calgary! Ottawa Public Library is thrilled for Calgary on the opening November 1 of its amazing New Central Library. Ottawans have no need to be envious though because we will have an extraordinary new Ottawa Central Library by 2024. In collaboration with Library and Archives Canada, OCL will create a unique experience for residents and visitors to the nation’s capital. 

As the immense success of Halifax’s Central Library has shown – and we expect Calgary will reach new heights of popularity – Ottawa’s new Central Library will meet the unique needs and aspirations of Ottawa. The new joint facility in partnership with Library and Archives Canada promises iconic architecture with spectacular views and flexible spaces for innovative programming and events that will nourish our capital’s appetite for culture, knowledge, and inspiration.

The experience in Calgary, Halifax and other leading cities tells us that public libraries are more relevant than ever. People need public spaces and ways to connect. They need access to knowledge, credible information, cultural enrichment, and resources for continuous learning and creativity. Ottawa’s new purpose-built Central Library will have the technology and the flexibility to become a destination for generations of Ottawans to gather, learn, read, play, be challenged, connect, and relax. Further, the new facility will spur on economic and social development in the western portion of downtown.

Public input and expert foresight into the evolving role of urban libraries will continue to inform the project and ensure that residents’ excitement about their new Central Library is justified. Stay tuned for news on design firms, public consultations, and more information. Sign up on for updates and to get involved.


Excited to know about this. Shared the news with friends in Calgary, Ottawa, US and many cities in Telangana state of India where i originally came from. Libraries in Canada are some of the great and well cherished institutions that the rest of the world can learn from. I am sure the upcoming central library will have a lot to offer in terms of inspiration as well as knowledge on how the library services can be made more exciting and innovative and contribute for a deeper cultural enrichment of the society. Will stay engaged.

- Sudhir Kodati ( Amulya Kodati's dad)