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Introducing: MyHeritage Library Edition

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Thu, Jun 30, 2022

Great news! Starting July 1st  we will have a new genealogy eResource available to complement our existing resources such as Ancestry LibraryGénéalogie Québec & PRDH

MyHeritage Library Edition

(Genealogy Research – In the library, at home, or on the go)

MyHeritage Library Edition is one of the largest, most internationally diverse genealogy databases of its kind. It contains billions of historical records from all over the world to support family history research. The search engine’s automatic handling of translations, synonyms, and spelling variations of millions of names in multiple languages is unparalleled.

Remote access and a mobile-friendly interface make it the most convenient genealogy product for our customers.

Many OPL customers have enjoyed the temporary at-home access to Ancestry Library that was provided during the pandemic—by adding the MyHeritage Library Edition, OPL will again be able to provide a convenient remote access service, so that you can enjoy genealogy research from the comfort of your home.  In addition, My Heritage Library Edition also provides additional information not available in Ancestry.

The MyHeritage Library Edition includes an ever-growing archive of international records and documents, including those from Filae, a leading genealogy service in France that specializes in French family history. These additional database records, provide valuable support to the diversity of our Ottawa area residents and communities. 

Please note that Ancestry Library is still available for in-library use. We hope those two leading English genealogy resources plus other free resources such as will meet the needs of our genealogy users and take your genealogy research to the next level!

Please note:

MyHeritage Library Edition differs from the consumer version of My Heritage

Personal authentication and all personalization features, such as tree creation, have been expressly disabled in the Library Edition by design to protect the privacy of users.