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Introducing the new Ottawa Public Library - Library and Archives Canada Joint Facility!

OPL-LAC Joint Facility rendering

There it is. 

The Ottawa Public Library – Library and Archives Joint Facility.


After 10 years of work, it is with tremendous pride that we share the design of this future landmark destination. 
This incredible space will connect us, inspire us, and bring us together in new and unimaginable ways.  


Today is a celebration of the power of connections:

  • Our connection and unique partnership with Library and Archives Canada that will allow us to go further, reach more people, and transform and enrich even more lives.

  • And our connection to you and our community, which has led to an unprecedented public co-design process.

In the past 6 years, more than 7,000 people provided input into the vision for our new central library.
In the last year alone, more than 4, 000 people participated in person and online to shape the design of this beautiful new space.

Your comments informed the facility’s iconic shape, the location of its interior spaces, the indoor feel and mood, the landscape, the public art, and the focus on inclusivity and sustainability.

Today’s incredible milestone is also an occasion to celebrate the power and impact of public libraries!
Public libraries are pillars of their communities. They help everyone to reach their potential and help fulfill their dreams. 


Here is what this incredible new space means for us… and for you:

  •  More space! The entire Joint Facility will be double the size of the current Main branch.

  • More visitors, more users: we expect to welcome more than double our current visitors.

  • Beautiful and flexible spaces for innovative programming for all ages.

  • Over 50 meeting spaces for students, entrepreneurs, community groups.

  • Creative spaces with analog and the latest digital technologies.

  • Recording studios and music rooms that will tie into our musical instrument lending library.

  • Quiet reading spaces with breathtaking views!

  • Over 200,00 collection items (and LAC’s collection too!)

  • Cafés to meet your neighbor or make a new friend…

  • Exterior spaces for community gathering or quiet reading and contemplation.


Join us to celebrate. Visit your new central library. Explore this beautiful, welcoming and inclusive space that will positively impact our community for generations to come. This is the place where we can all come together.



Finally, Ottawa with a population of 1 million will get the library it deserves! Congratulations! Love the flowing design with undulations - who are the architects?

No words on whether there will be free parking or not. Not everyone goes to the main library by bus or by foot.

No words on access by public transit. The mayor said once that it will be close to two LRT stations. It is not close to either of them. And under normal LRT circulation the site is not on any bus routes. In fact, the area is currently very dangerous to pedestrians because of complicated street crossings and short light intervals.

To be deleted.

Is the Building heated geothermally, in keeping with the Ottawa Climate Emergency Measures regime?
Brian Jackson

The city and the feds should be ashamed for ensuring that this very lovely building will not demonstrate to voters (I mean residents) how easy it is to reduce energy demand and to supply lower consumption with renewables. LEED Gold is the minimal starting point - not the end goal. Oh well, as long as someone else pays for the energy and takes the blame for high GHG emissions over the next 50 years as our planet melts.

Hallelujah! A beautiful building that stands as a testament to the way in which our library has remained relevant throughout the tech revolution and the changing face of Canada as a whole. If only all the world's buildings could reflect humanity's need for beauty in everyday life, what a different world it would be. Bravo!

Well it would be nice to know where there is planned to be. The site map gives no markers or reference points that make sense. I do not at all - in any way - recognize the location. There is no street address. No GPS. Nothing. I wrote to the library about this - no reply.

The proposed new library looks beautiful, but it won't be downtown, and I won't be going there. I hope that the main library at Laurier & Metcalfe will remain open for many years. When it closes, I hope that we will have a new DOWNTOWN library, or that the Rideau branch will be ready for all its new customers.

Aside from what the actual location is, is it Le Breton Flats, how would someone access the material in the upper gallery of the LAC reading room which has shelves stacked 11 high?

Would have been more inspiring if the building had meant energy conservation levels from day 1 build rather than future target, that is disappointing.

Ignore my previous comment re location, I discovered the video and location details