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Iris Folding at North Gower

Participants at the Iris Folding program at North Gower

On April 4th, our branch's supervisor, Alison, hosted another of her artistic programs for the North Gower Branch Library: iris folding.  This form of craft is done by laying down folded strips of coloured and/or patterned paper within a cut-out silhouette, forming a pattern resembling a camera iris, hence the name.  A simple or sophisticated pattern can be quite spectacular.

As you can see it the photo, our attendees were enthusiastic about their work and left in collective smiles.

If you missed the program, take heart!  The program will likely return in the fall, and if not, we have books that show the method behind this craft as well as a few patterns to make your own.  See links below:

Book: Iris Folding Compendium

Book: Iris Folding Compendium Part 2

Book: Iris Folding for Christmas