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It's night time. It's scary, It's time for bed?

By JaneMV


Maybe not quite yet.

Here are  some  titles to share with reluctant sleepers.

Bear Feels Scared by Karma Wilson tells the story of the night Ber gets lost, his fellings of hopelessness and fear and his wanderings through the woods. Fortunately, Bear is not alone. His friends are banding togethere , forming a search party and coming to the rescue. Ten feet from home, Bear is found, brought home and made to feel safe again while his friends fall asleep around him.

Scaredy Squirrel ( Scaredy Squirrel at Night by Melanie Watts) doesn't like the night in case he as bad dreams, but he has a plan. Equipped with a "to do" list that includes a spotlight, a banana peel, a pillow, a blanket and molasses ( molassess???), Scaredy Squirrel is ready. Hah! Intruders who were NOT part of the plan appear and bedlam ensues. A fun result when our squirrely friend ges a good night's sleep and changes for the better on the following day.

Sharon Jennings'  No Monsters Here explores a boy's reassyrubg gus fatger wgi us afraid of monsters. A switch in role playing lets the boy turn down a cookie, look under the bed, behind the curtains and under the covers to reassure his father. This reverse psychology strategy seems to work until the lights go out. Then the boy becomes  a boy again and the dad is his dad again.

Scared of the night? Not to worry- you're not alone. Really

Sweet dreams.