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Kids Can Crochet and Knit

Picture of various yarn in different colours

Apr 02, 2020

Learn to crochet and knit while social distancing!

For children, the benefits of learning to crochet and knit are many. 

As stress relief, knitting and crocheting are very calming activities for both children and adults. Studies have shown that knitting and crocheting lower blood pressure and the repetitive patterns and motions are calming.

Educationally, when children learn to knit or crochet for the first time, they are working in rows from left to right as they do in reading.  Concentration, attention, patience and fine motor skills are all used in these crafts which are also essential for learning reading and math.  As children knit and crochet, they become aware of patterns in their project which are also crucial for reading and mathematics.

From expressing their creativity in a new way to honing motor skills through practice, children will also practice reading, how to follow instructions, and patience.

At the Centennial Branch, we have been offering Kids can Knit and Kids can Crochet programs for several years to children ages 7 and up.  Our programs have been well registered and attended, with many repeat customers.  They have made change purses, slippers, headbands, bird nests, a rabbit, an owl, scarf among other things.

While you are at home right now, take a look at these links to OPL material:

Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Knitting by Mary Scott Huff

I Can Knit by Eckman, Edie

Learning to Knit by Rau, Dana Meachen

Knit, Hook, and Spin : A Kid's Activity Guide to Fiber Arts and Crafts by  Carlson, Laurie  (includes Crochet)

Access Video OnDemand:  Search term “Knit”  or  “ Crochet”

While you wait for these ebooks, take a look at these great Youtube videos by kids!

Easy Kids Knitting Tutorial taught by a Kid: Knitting a Stuffed Cat

Jonah's Hands.  Youtube sensation Jonah offers tutorials and patterns for kids.

Blog post contributed by Andrea Gowing from our Centennial branch.