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A large donation from our best friend

Friends of the Ottawa Public Library Association logo

Last evening, the Friends of the Ottawa Public Library Association (FOPLA) presented their 2018 donation to Ottawa Public Library Board – 375K $. This is FOPLA’s largest single donation ever to OPL!

The Friends of the Ottawa Public Library Association (FOPLA) raises these funds mostly through the sale of donated used books, AV materials and vinyl, as well as the generous efforts of more than 300 amazing volunteer library lovers.

 FOPLA’s donation will fund library program and branch enhancements in OPL branches across the city.

Here are some highlights of programs and items financed through FOPLA’s donation from last year:

  • FOPLA funds donated to OPL in 2018 were used to purchase furniture, equipment, and outreach materials, and supported programming such as the newly opened music-editing lab at the Ruth E. Dickinson branch.
  • FOPLA sponsored OPL’s Awesome Authors youth writing contest and published the winning entries in the 12th edition of the pot-pourri anthology.
  • FOPLA sponsored OPL’s Tales and Tunes Family Fun Day, once again supporting a popular and fast-growing community event.

If you would like to support the extraordinary work of FOPLA, here are ways you can get involved:

Kudos to FOPLA and its amazing volunteers!


Could some of these funds be made available for computer keyboard replacements.
Many branches have keyboards with characters obliterated by heavy use.
Also, many have broken keyboard ‘elevation legs ‘, especially Special Technology Stations.
These deficiencies have been present for years, evidence of a lack of proper maintenance on these well used items.
Many Thanks