Law at the Library Series

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Ottawa Public Library is partnering with the Ontario Bar Association so that you can get an overview of the law, know your rights and your legal responsibilities, and better understand how a lawyer can help you should you need help one day.  We are calling this series Law at the Library.  Lawyers are offering plain language sessions targeted at many audiences.  Come with your questions!

For new Canadians and immigrants, information on Immigration Law: come and find out what your legal rights and responsibilities are, and how a lawyer can help in applying for visitor visas into Canada, applying for permanent residency in Canada, applying to become a citizen of Canada.

For all in the job world, information on Workplace Rights of Employees: come to learn about the rights and obligations of an employee, as well as the obligations of the employer; learn as well about resources for further help that are easily accessible to you.

For couples, information on Family Law: come to an interactive session to get an overview of divorce, separation, child custody, access, support, and adoption law in Ontario.  

For all, especially seniors, information on Making a Will: come to learn why you need a will, what happens if you don't have a will, what are powers of attorney and why they are important, how having a will and powers of attorney can help you and your family.

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