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Leaf Through a Good Book & Fall in Love with Reading


Another summer has come and gone, bringing us the beautiful season of fall. With the beauty of the changing leaves, what better time to engage your little one in reading.  Learning experiences are most meaningful to children when it is something they are able to relate to. Fall is a perfect topic to engage your young reader as the relation is evident by the changing environment around them!

Help solidify your child's literary experience with hands on learning: Why not try reading outside under a changing tree or go on a nature scavenger hunt and see how many items you can find from the stories you've read together. You can even take the treasures home with you and let your child create their own 'Leaf Man' or nature masterpieces with glue, leaves, acorns and pinecones. Try saving leaves in various stages of colour transformation by putting them between wax paper and ironing them.

Tis the season for your little one to fall in love with reading!

Image: Falling Leaves 1, 2, 3

Falling Leaves 1, 2, 3

An Autumn Counting Book
By Dils, Tracey E.
Image: Pick A Circle, Gather Squares

Pick A Circle, Gather Squares

A Fall Harvest of Shapes
By Chernesky, Felicia Sanzari
Image: Leaf Man

Leaf Man

By Ehlert, Lois
Image: Wonderfall


By Hall, Michael
Image: Hedgehugs


Autumn Hide-and-squeak
By Wilson, Steve
Image: Hello, Fall!

Hello, Fall!

By Diesen, Deborah