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Learn to Code from Home

Mar 26, 2020

Are your kids interested in learning how to code? Coding has a lot of benefits for kids; it teaches problem solving, applied math, and gives them a chance to exercise their creativity. It’s also a great foundation for digital literacy.

Don’t know how to code yourself? Don’t worry – you can learn alongside your kids! Here are some free resources to try:

  1. Scratch – Scratch uses block coding, which means you connect blocks with different directions to create your code. It’s a great place to start, because you can focus on the overall concepts of coding without worrying too much about the written code. You can find tutorials and activity guides under “Ideas” or you can create your own projects under “Create.”
  2. Kids Code Jeunesse – Kids Code Jeunesse is a Canadian site that provides resources for different kinds of coding, including Scratch, HTML, and Python. There are even some unplugged lesson plans if you want to do some coding with technology! Check out the Parents section and the Educators’ Resources section
  3. Codecademy – If you want to try some more advanced coding, you can also make a free account for Codecademy. This site will walk you through tutorials for web development, programming and computer science, and data science coding depending on your interests.

Happy Coding!

Blog post contributed by Gabrielle from the Beaverbrook Branch